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Powered paragliding indulges our dreams of flight. But be educated! We specialize in unbiased, helpful, and entertaining information. The best-selling PPG Bible, in its fouth edition, takes you from "first sight to first flight" and way, way beyond, helping you aviate confidently in the national airspace system while having a blast along the way. Enjoy the ride!

Powered Paragliding Bible 4 Available! | What's New

Flying Southern California's coast is magical. Misty mountains to the west do justice to setting sunshine.
Chad Bastian and I took turns flying his new Minari Miniplane. A review is forthcoming.

Our path to freedom offers fine control, spectacular views and practical portability to flight. The sport offers a safe and affordable way into the air but there is a lot to know. Experienced pilots make it look easy and their skill makes it so.

But sword-swallowing looks easy, just shove the thing down your throat, right? You bet there's more than meets the eye! The PPG bible, along with Risk & Reward (video) and other information available here can help you survive and prosper at this incredible trip to the skies. Plus, we'll try to keep you entertained in the process. This is, after all, all about fun.

Get good training! Go here to see if your Instructor / School makes the grade.

Airspace for Powered ParaglidingPowered Paraglider (Paramotor) Graphic DescriptionGo here for an informative overview of airspace as it applies to ultralight pilots, particularly PPG pilots. Know where class E and G airspace is. That's where we fly.

This image shows all the basic parts of a powered paraglider in an easy-to-see graphical form and has other information for new pilots. There is a huge bunch of info, categorized by book chapters, under Educational.

Master Powered Paragliding DVDs

The Master series of videos takes a new pilot to the next level of paramotor flying. They show concisely how to master maneuvers and techniques that improve pilot skills, handle higher winds, handle more turbulence, fly more precisely and a host of others.

Employing various camera techniques, mounts, animations, and graphics, Master Powered Paragliding makes the subject matter clear and shows how the techniques are done. This isn't a "show-off" production, but rather a training tool, with emphasis on clarity. Each 70 to 100+ minute edition is carefully narrated and tightly cut with music. They are entertaining but, above all, they are effective.

High Def video and other tools improve quality. Steadicam, helmet cam, and a swiveling frame-mount cams have made for a professional product. Frame cameras let the viewer see pilot actions up close. More than anything else, advanced 3-D animation has been employed in places where it makes the clearest presentation possible. Here are more details and a trailer.

Meet Powered Paragliding: The Video

Meet Powered Paragliding VideoA fun, fast paced and humorous romp with our sport's most passionate people. Experience the people and their pleasures through the running of a  National PPG Convention. Includes some aerial ballet from other places as well.

Includes a brief preview of Risk & Reward and the "Powered Paragliding Bible." You'll also see the the U.S. Competition circuit explained and watch Eric Dufour turn a record time on the challenging cloverleaf course. This is certainly not a training video but does showcase some examples of the good, the...well, you get the idea.

EngineFlywheel.jpg (92860 bytes)

1. Skimp on maintenance at your own peril. Eventually it will catch up!
2. See what could be a better paramotor.
2. Just for the fun of it, hanging out the window of a Boeing 737.


Lots of safety improvement would come from adding this extra cage ring to your machine. Adaptable to most existing machines, it reduces the likelihood of prop/body contact. Go here for details.

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Observations (more)

by Jeff:

"The more you see the world in black and white, the less accurate is your picture."

"It's not how many hours you have, it's what you've done with the hours you've had."

"Intelligence plays second fiddle to motivation for actually getting things done."

"Regarding people: Leave 'em better than you found 'em."

"If there's air there, it should be flown in."

"Tolerance is the grease of a healthy society."

"Just because a saying is elegant doesn't mean it's true."

"How can you tell when your paramotor is about to quit? When it's running."

"We're not paramotor pilots so much as we're mechanics who occasionally test our work."

"You can lead a brain to knowledge, but you can't make it think."

and Others:

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something." - Woodrow Wilson

"Take your life into your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: there's no one to blame." - Erica Jong

"Life is a learning curve, enjoy the climb."
- Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser

"We fly at the pleasure of the people, piss enough of them off and we won't fly anymore."
- Jerry Daniele

"I don't believe in pilot error. Every trip, tumble, and bruise was executed by me flawlessly."
- Jim Doyle

Remember, If there's air there, it should be flown in!