Boeing View 2011

Flying for a living is a good gig and Southwest Airlines really does Rock

Pretty much every day at my "day job" I have to utter aloud the phrase: "If you gotta work..." No doubt I've been one damn lucky human, having popped from these particular parents, into this particular time and this amazing country. Then to have this job--it is not something I take for granted.

Yes, the flying can be mundane and, in fact, we work hard to keep it that way. But it almost always manages to be enjoyable at some level. Overnights are fun, too, although lately I've been less adventurous as I work on various paramotor projects but do still get out. Video and animation is extremely time consuming. Satisfying, to be sure, but requiring copious amounts of time which is why I don't watch television unless it's at the gym.

These are various pictures from my phone, taken on overnights all around the country. We don't fly international (outside of occasional forays into Canada) but hopefully soon we'll be going to Hawaii after acquiring 737-800 series aircraft. Fingers crossed.

Row One: 1)Burbank. We hiked up to a high spot for this exquisite view. 2, 3) In Spokane, WA they have this annual basketball compeition and I happened to be overnighting there. Wow -- that was a lot of basketball hoops!

Row Two: Various picture flying in an out of Salt Lake City. Some really cool landscape there!

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