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Feb 25, 2007, updated 04/04/2007 West Coast Trip with Paramotor Pilot on Board 
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There aren't very many of us. If you're a paramotor pilot, let's face it, you're in a select group. Today, one showed up on my flight to Oakland, CA, introducing himself while I was greeting passengers at the door. That was brave of him.

We had met a few month's back in Phoenix, AZ, while flying at Casa Grande with Mo Sheldon and a bunch of other Phoenix motor heads. Now I've had PPG pilots on my flights before but, maybe because they knew me, they didn't introduce themselves until after the flight was over. Mike made the mistake of introducing himself before.  

I couldn't resist. When I did the welcome aboard PA, I added "...and today we have a celebrity on board." Everybody looked around a bit. "His name is Mike and he flies the world's lightest aircraft..." I carried on for a moment and stopped just short of having everyone clap.

After the flight, Mike was getting off: "I'll get even, you wait!" he threatened, hopefully at least half in jest. But he did indulge me one more request. That picture above right is Mike (left) and I in the cockpit with our hands in the PPG flight position. Thanks Mike, what fun.

If anyone does come on a Southwest flight and find I'm at the helm, please do introduce yourself. If you ask nicely, I won't talk about your celebrity status on the PA. Much.

AA Boeing 757

Not Again!

Lightning does strike twice.

Against all odds, it happened again: on this same trip, another flight, another paramotor pilot pilot showed up. This time it was fellow airline captain Steve Clyatt of American Airlines who was commuting to work in Oakland. Steve is an instructor in Sacramento and it was fun catching up on things. He let me get a picture of him occupying the baby Boeing's left seat. He flies the 757 (pictured above).

We're both happy for our jobs but enjoy the amazing flight experience of the lowly PPG. He's more into wheeled flying than I but enjoys it all. Now I'll probably go another several years without seeing a fellow powered paragliding pilot. But when I do, look out!

Mike+Jeff.jpg (133819 bytes)

Phoenix area paramotor pilot Mike B. lets me get a picture together. 


Craig.jpg (58693 bytes)

See, we do fly this things occasionally by hand. Here is a glimpse of my trusty First Officer, Craig, in a rare moment of actual work. In his former life he captained C-130's for the U.S. Air Force.



American Airlines captain Steve Clyatt lets me snap a shot of him in "my" left seat. 

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