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Last year went out with a whiteout. And I was there. Almost. Salt Lake City got dumped on just as I was supposed to land and I didn't land.

Hopefully this year I'll get some quality cockpit time with a quality still camera. I've been taking a good high-def video camera, though, so my stills may suffer a bit. We'll see.

Lord willing it will be another uneventful, boring year from the left seat, punctuated only by cool scenery and fun overnights. Already I've got plans for my first overnight in Portland. The goal is to video the Portland boys launching a low hook-in machine (Pap or Kobra) to see how they get into the seat without any significant bobbling around or lean. I have one technique already covered in the video but want to see if there are others.

Here's the first log entry of 2009 that would have been more at home here, but since it was over one of my favorite soaring sites, I put it in the regular Log instead.



If you gotta work...

Mount Hood guards the southeast entrance to Portland International Airport. It's the best view around unless you want to brave the cold, howling wind to climb it. I don't do cold, let alone cold with a howling wind. Photo by Jim Ribar March 25, 2008

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