Paramotor Dune

Feb 5, 2007  Glamis, AZ | Paratoys Salton Sea Event

This is another planet. There is air here so that our wings still work but mostly there is sand. Rising 600 feet into the western sky is an incredible formation that blends the coolest shapes a guy could ever hope to contour.

Sunday around noon a largish group of friends left the Salton Sea, headed for Glamis, California with an intent to commit aviation.


This is what the Enterprise was launched foróbeing out in the middle of relative nowhere (a sandy desert here) with paramotors perched just outside the door and a few feet from launch.

This is the best part: it's warm. While temps claw their way into single digits over much of the country, Glamis basks is the 70's.

Our caravan includes pilots from all over the country who are mostly on the way to Phoenix. It's nice too, that we're actually able to fly here as long as we can mind a few simple rules about where launch is allowed.

Mike Britt is incredible. One pilot's motor broke an exhaust bracket. Mike welded it back together. yes, in a tent, far from any repair shop, he welded an aluminum exhaust back to life. He's gonna weld a soon-to-be broken piece on my muffler, too. Thanks man!

We got here about 2pm and, just after setting up camp, got ready for flight. Chad Bastian was the first to go, followed by yours truly. The midday roughness was manageable.

The cool flight came when most of us launched for a sunset flight to the big dune west of here. Phil got his camera rolling to record the meandering flight paths amidst incredible scenery.

 Greg Bouten had a motor-out and the recovery effort was quite interesting. Having aerial cover during the process proved quite handy.

Marty Hathaway is going to set up a cloverleaf so we can play around with some competition flying just for fun. Eric Dufour has some strangeness planned for the next day as well. This promises to be very interesting!

In the meantime, here were some of our sights.

2007-02-05-Glamis2 039a.jpg (68040 bytes)PlayingPhilRussman.jpg (78084 bytes)2007-02-05-Glamis2 038.jpg (179852 bytes)stefan.jpg (96833 bytes)Phil.jpg (114970 bytes)Watching.jpg (153247 bytes)

1. The caravan. We're all hanging out near Glamis, CA for a couple days. 2. Phil Russman wanks it around after filming for an hour or so. 3. Greg Bouten made made an unplanned landing after his carburetor fell off. Ooops. 4. Stefan Obenauer zips by me and the colors impress from behind. 5. Phil closes in for the camera, 6. This is the sick part: after flying all afternoon, we sit around at night watching video of the afternoon's flying.


2007-02-05-Glamis2 002a.jpg (116968 bytes)

Whippets.jpg (162874 bytes)

1. About half our group arrived around 2pm. The rest joined us by sunset. All-in-all we are 20 pilots and friends sharing air and lies.


2. Chad has quite the impressive pack of pooches. They go wild at his swinging of this windsock. Sheila Bouten has an even more impressive shot that I'll put up soon.

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