Powered Paragliding Car

2008-12-08 Fresh Breeze is working on what may be the coolest development under canopy.

During a PPG radio show recorded December 6, Chris Bowles spilled the beans about some things he saw during a recent trip to Germany. Most interesting was the "PPG Car," a vehicle that is supposed to be street legal, even on the highway, but also qualify as a sport pilot aircraft. Look out if they succeed: it will be the first road worthy, certified aircraft in over 40 years.

Although no specs have been released, he said the rear wheels are driven by the fuel and oil injected 3 cylinder motor through a transmission that also drives the prop. With a top speed of 70 mph, It's not enclosed but does have a windscreen, probably much like a motorcycle fairing. Appearance is similar to the two seat XCitor.

Price wasn't given but, judging from the radio show and exchange rates, expect to pay over US$50,000 if it becomes reality. Figure you're getting ground transportation and an aircraft so the price is more understandable.

They're reportedly hoping to release it by Spring of 2008 but those dates are notoriously slippery. This could be one of the coolest innovations to fancy our taste for flight if it's true.

Video of PPG Car


The XCitor paracar (our name) in pictured in road test. Sliding around even on the ground would be fun, but wait until hooking up a wing. This suggests it will be certified as a motorcycle rather than meet the more stringent  car rules but Chris did say it would be in the car category. We'll see and hope for the best.

Now if we can just get them to enclose it and put a heater in. Fly to work or drive to work?

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