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Paramotor Airshow Performance

Nov 16, 2011

Glenn Tupper is a Military pilot who has discovered the amazing capability inherent in paramotoring. And he's put it to good use.

I've flown with him several times and find fewer pilots with as much passion. He's also become quite accomplished and has now succeded at putting the lowly PPG on display at a local airshow. He'll have an article in upcoming magazine issues from slightly different angles.

Glenn and a fellow pilot practiced a routine that involved flying banners in various formations. The airshow people loved it. You can see more at www.ParaTupper.com and here is some video: http://vimeo.com/31309052.

He's got more planned. They did require insurance but he earned his PPG 2 rating which enabled him to buy the USUA ultralight policy.

Nicely done.


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