Paraglider Review: 2008 Power Pluto Extra Small (21)

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This is an abbreviated review which is surprising since I liked the wing enough to buy one. Having lots of time to do a review doesn't mean it will get done. At this moment I'm buried deep in the production of Master PPG so it's tough to find the time for full reviews.

The Pluto 21 m is a reasonably efficient glider meant for intermediate pilots that also seems suitable for capable beginners. This extra small size is not certified but all the larger sizes are AFNOR Standard.

Most of my many flights were on a Paratoys Blackhawk 172 and Miniplane Top 80 paramotor. At my 148 pounds it does a very nice job.

Handling (8): Handling is good, much like a Silex but with better efficiency and somewhat better inflation characteristics.

I have now flown it in significant turbulence, including while fully accelerated and it has handled the job exceedingly well, with no collapses. In fact, I chose this wing over my Spice because it handled flying through its own wake, with trims out and full speedbar, without complaint or collapse. The tips are a bit "loose," meaning they fold inward easily but without any affect on flight direction.

Brake pressures and travel a bit heavier than the Spice that I normally fly but are responsive enough to enjoy the handling.

Inflation (8): Comes up very easily with no tendency to go sideways. Lightweight fabric helps. It's among the top 3 easy-inflating wings I've yet flown.

Efficiency (7): Takes less power than a Silex and more than a Spice 22.

Speed (-): It's a bit faster than a Spice 22 but not appreciably. It's not super speedy or sluggish, either. I haven't gotten to do the GPS tests yet so can't really put a rating here. The trimmers have a fairly small effect as does the speedbar but it's a very solid wing.

Construction (6): Seems well built on a casual inspection, lighter than some which is why it inflates so nicely.

Certification & Safety (7): It helps that the larger sizes are certified but that doesn't translate directly to the smaller ones. Still, it's a good starting point. I suspect this wing, at the loadings that we're flying it, is roughly equivalent to DHV 2. That suggests that recovery from large collapses would probably be average.

Overall: The Pluto is a good wing for high level beginners (PPG2) and experienced pilots. Handling and efficiency are good. Silex fliers will love it and it looks great on camera!

In 2009 I chose this wing to compete in the World Air Games, taking 6th place. I chose it for its collapse resistance even when going through my own wake, fully accelerated, in cloverleaf runs, and its good handling.

The Pluto 21 (Extra Small) by Axis is sold by Eric Dufour of Paratour in the U.S. Tim Kaiser is shown here carving up the Dunes near Glammis, CA.

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