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2013 Mar 4, Fuel Level & Flow meters, Temperature gauges, Timers, Auto Shutofff, Dampeners

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Some cool products come out occasionally to support the paramotor pilot's need to know and desire for safety. Everything from fuel flow rates to auto shutoff devices. Some are only sold for a while because the market is small and, once most potential customers have them, the sales rate may drop below a sustainable level. So far, so good: it hasn't happened yet to any major products that I'm aware of but we shouldn't be surprised when it happens.

My hat is off to those who take on our small market and I hope they are able to make it worth their while. We all win.

About getting a product reviewed. I love trying new stuff but 1) hate the cold and 2) don't like working on paramotors. So if your product requires much more than about 20 minutes of installation, I'll review it when I get a chance to fly it on a machine that already has it. Otherwise, contact me about shipping. Thanks for the opportunity to share your goods with others!


Engine Fuel Flow & Qty, Temperature, Performance, Timers
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Tiggy Fuel Flow

Works with any liquid fuel engine. Yes, that sounds like rocket motors but no, none of those have been harnessed for PPG.

2012-Sept They sent me one of these to review which I did. As best I can tell it's the only device that measures fuel flow. Pretty cool. Here's the full review with pictures.

Fly Henry PPG Meter

Works with most two strokes and nearly all gas tanks.

2013-Mar-05 This is a multi-purpose device that, besides offering the usual RPM/CHT/EGT/Time, it most uniquely, adds a fuel level indicator system. The fuel tank pickup gives fine level measurements using an ingenious tube-in-tube sensor that goes in through the top of the gas tank. As the fuel level rises, it changes the resistance between the concentric tubes which is read as a fuel remaining. It's programmable with an alarm for CHT or EGT limits and warns you about low fuel at approximately 15%.

I haven't gotten to fly with the device but will report on it when I get the chance. It'll take the average person at least a couple hours to get everything installed and setup but, for about $60, the distributor will install and set it up for you.

Michael Sekler is the importer for Fly Henry in the U.S and elsewhere. Here is the device's manual and a descriptive video.

Hardline Tachometer Hardline Tachometer
Paramotor Engine Cutout
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Under development by Scout Paramotors

2013-Mar-05 If all goes well, I hope to review a prototype version of this device in the next month or so (weather permitting). I'm told it will be made available for public sale and as OEM to interested paramotor manufacturers. First it will appear on a new paramotor being marketed as Scout Paramotors.

It was designed by Svec Miroslav and stands to be the single biggest improvement in paramotor safety ever. Stay tuned. Here is a YouTube video where the device is tested.

Paramotor Engine Dampener/Mounts
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Kittila Engine Mounts

2013-Mar 5 Unfortunately I was unable to review these yet because it's just too damned cold in Chicago. Hopefully I'll get a chance in FL and will use an acceleration app on my HTC thunderbolt phone (taped to a the frame) to record before and after vibration maximums in three axis.

If I do get the chance, files will be provided for both the control test (using stock engine mounts) and the goal test using the "Vibration Monitoring" Android application by Mobile Tools.


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