2014 Miniplane Top 80 (Sold)

2018-05-03 Culling the herd

I've bought a new machine to replace this one. We bought from Chad Bastian in CA with probably 20 hours and have put at most another 50 on it. I don't fly a lot of hours even if I do have a lot of takeoffs and landings. Plus I RARELY fly at full power.

The exhaust elbow is a beautiful rust color (i.e., it's rusty) since this machine lived in CA sea air for the first few months of life.

I've replaced the carb after it sat unused for a several months. It was pissed about that but seems to be over it now since being treated to some attention.

It has a mildly repaired wood prop and safety ring. No speedbar (I'm moving that to my other machine) but the loops and sister clips will remain. I have a handy way to set that up with an extra set of sister clips on the harness where unused speedbar line can be stowed.

I'm standardizing on the old frame style. This machine is the odd man out in our fleet. It has never crashed. It has been all over the country.


Price: $3000




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