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7100 Gabreski Lane, Monee, IL 60449. Gated residential airport community, Meadowcreek Airpark, Monee, IL. | Taxes

This land was originally bought in 1995 to build a house on but I ended up buying on another airport then, much later, moved to FL which is why this is for sale.

Visit the Meadow Creek Airpark Association website for more information on the property.

Pictures below show what it looked like in the Summer of 2005. There have been quite a few houses added as can be seen in the current Google Maps image.

Price: See Zillow

There have been numerous improvements made including a large assessment to repave all the roads in about 2000. Association dues are $75 per month and are all current.

Each lot has electricity, water and sewer already present and ready for hookup. I do not know the status of cable or high speed internet access.

Close In Satellite View Satellite with highlight & property numbers
PanoGabreskiLookingSouth.JPG (188174 bytes)
MeadowCreek04LookingNorthwest.jpg (95476 bytes) MeadowCreekFinalApproach22.jpg (70645 bytes)
GoogleScreenshot.jpg (166721 bytes) MeadowCreek43LookingNE.jpg (200338 bytes) MeadowCreek13Final22.jpg (166844 bytes)

Row 1. Stitched shot of Gabreski Lane looking south. Quite a few houses have been added since these were taken.

Row 2: 1) Aerial view of community looking northwest.
2) Yours truly in front of sign. 3) Final approach view runway 22 looking southwest.

Row 3: 1) Old Google overhead view. 2) View in June, 2005.
3) Wide-angle view of the final approach. Lot 65 is  land near the "x" for reference.



Lot65PlatOfSurveyWeb.gif (196382 bytes)CommunityPlat.gif (144925 bytes)

1. Plat of Survey for lot 65.

2. The easement for the taxiway south of the lot no longer exists. Runway access for aircraft is via the road in front (Gabreski Lane).

3. Invoice showing no outstanding fees as of July, 2017

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