Educational by Chapter of the Powered Paragliding Bible

I: First Flight

01 Training Process

02 Gearing Up

03 Handling the Wing

04 Prep For 1st Flight

05 The Flight

06 Flying With Wheels 

II: Spreading Wings

07 Weather Basics

08 The Law

09 Airspace   

10 Flying Anywhere

11 Controlled Airports

12 Setup & Mx

13 Flying Cross Country

14 Flying With Others

III: Mastery

15 Adv Ground Handling

16 Precision Flying

17 Challenging Sites

18 Advanced Maneuvers

19 Risk Management

20 Competition

21 Free Flight Transition

IV: Theory

22 Aerodynamics

23 Motor & Propeller

24 Weather & Wind

25 Roots: Our History

V: Choosing Gear

26 The Wing

27 The Motor Unit

28 Accessories

29 Home Building

VI: Getting the Most

30 Other Uses

31 Traveling With Gear

32 Photography

--- Not in book ---

33 Organizing Fly-Ins

34 Places To Fly

35 Preserving the Sport

36 Tandem

Powered Paragliding App For Android

2012-Jan-18 a dedicated phone application for paramotor pilots.

Stephane Nicole has created what looks like a cool app for Android Users who fly PPG. I haven't gotten to try it yet but will offer a review after I do. There is a basic version that's free and a paid version with more functionality that'll set you back a whopping $2.

Here is the basic information provided by its creator. Don't drop your phone!

PPGpS is a Flight Computer for Powered Paraglider Pilots. There is a free version (PPGpS Lite) and a paid version (PPGpS).

PPGpS provides:

-Real time flight information

-Wind direction estimation

-Takeoff and Landing phases auto-detection

-Return home information (display estimated travel time and bearing)

-Fuel calculation and warning

-Emergency geo-localized SMS

-Google Map localization with GPS

-Log flights in KML files for Google Earth

-Waypoint management

-Especially developed for Paramotor

PPGpS also provides the altitude, bearing, magnetic compass, acceleration and ground speed. Additionally, you can:

* Switch between instantaneous, average and maximum values by clicking on the instruments.

* Create waypoints on the map and follow the displayed route (bearing, estimated travel time and distance).

* It also computes the distance traveled and the estimated travel time to return home according to the wind.

* The average ground speeds are graphically displayed for every azimuth.

* Launch the Demonstration mode to have a quick tour.

Screenshot from the Android PPGpS Android app.

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