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What was Powered Paragliding Like?

Albuquerque 2002

The American Flyer, USPPA, Fly-In Extravaganza

One of Jeff Goin's Older Works

In the beginning was the desire. The desire to share this incredible form of aviation with others in a medium that does it better than anything else: video and sound.

Words and pictures are good, but put motion to music and magic ensues. Of course the early efforts aren't as polished but they are tightly edited. Every effort is made to keep cuts reasonably brief. Even as a new editor, I realized that being bored wasn't good. Of course with time I got better at that, especially with tutelage by Phil Russman.

These are a fun way to see part of the history of Powered Paragliding in the U.S.



Albuquerque 2002
41 Minutes
DVD NTSC 4:3 $25

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The American Flyer, USPPA, Fly-In Extravaganza

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