Parastars 2003: Nylon Migration (Out of Print)

Guiness Book Of World Records Event

See, hear from and fly with the pilots who shared their powered paragliding joy at the year's big event.

Join the people who make this sport their passion as they pursue mankind's most personal form of flight. Fly with them as they bring our sport into the Guinness Book of World Records. Commiserate with them when it doesn't go quite as planned.

All original music.

Feel like you're there in person. Hear the stories told by the pilots who experienced them. Fly with those who helped put this event in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Find out the state of the sport as it was in in April 2004 as various vendors show off their wares. Besides the fly-in, share the excitement of:

Kermit Weeks, owner of the (now closed) Fantasy of Flight, flies his first (and only) competition.

Grand Opening of fantastic and, unfortunately, now closed, Fly By Ranch.

Aerobatics demonstrations by top Aerobatic pilots with descriptions.

The first USPPA competitions good, bad, and ugly with descriptions of strategy.

The PPC's and the PPC's go at it, competing to see who's the fastest on wheels.

Kiting war to the final battle.

Parastars 2003: Nylon Migration
60 Minutes

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