Meet Powered Paragliding DVD

An amusing romp with the sports' most Passionate People

Meet, fly and laugh with many of the "Names" in PPG.

A fun, fast paced and frequently humorous look at the sport. As it says on the back: "Powered Paragliding is aviationís most portable and affordable way into the air. It is celebrated in mass every April near Lakeland, Florida as pilots come from all over the country to fly, see the latest gear, gather with friends and revel in their incredible freedom.

Join many of the sportsí most prominent participants as they experience flight in a most peculiar fashion. This tightly-packed and frequently humorous account of powered paragliding puts together much fun and frolic as seen through the 2005 PPG Convention and Competition. 

Also, meet the competitors and find out exactly what they do including explanations of how they do it. Experience the thrill of victory and the fun of just trying. See what the sport has to offer and experience the countryís largest gathering of pilots and vendors.

Experience the people and their pleasures through the running of a  National PPG Convention. Includes some aerial ballet from other places as well.

Includes a brief preview of Risk & Reward and the first "Powered Paragliding Bible." You'll also see the the U.S. Competition circuit explained and watch Eric Dufour turn a then-record time on the challenging cloverleaf course. This is certainly not a training video but does showcase some examples of the good, the...well, you get the idea.

62 minutes

4:3 ratio. Wt: 5 oz.
Full Amaray Case




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