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Powered paragliding has more to offer an inspired pilot than possibly any other type of flying, and in so many ways. It's time to unlock some of the techniques that can speed motivated pilots to excellence.

This series is what I wish were available after I learned the basics of flying PPG. There are many specific techniques that can be learned far quicker if only they were clearly explained. It is intended for pilots who have already learned the basics, and are PPG2 level flyers.

Video is never a substitute for high-quality instruction and especially practice. Nor can any video instill a skill. We don't purpose to replace personal instruction but rather augment it. And we can certainly show you the tools, how they can be used, and how to practice them. We'll also show what's possible.

There's so much more to PPG than meets the eye. Ground handling, for example, is something that can be mastered far easier with the specific tools included in this video. Not just one set of techniques, either, but many, from some of our sports most capable pilots. Disc 1 will be out first, hopefully sometime in 2010, as most of the scenes have already been shot.


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Master Powered Paragliding is complete. It will be available in DVD widescreen.


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