Airspace & Law For Ultralights

REALLY understand this sometimes esoteric topic.

A combination of live action, illustrations, 3D motion graphics, narration and bits of humor to help ease the pain of learning a tough topic.

Besides the fundamentals, see where the risk is and how to avoid unwanted attention. Failing that, we'll show what to do if approached by FAA officials and even address how to handle the aftermath of a violation.

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We donít just show how it all works, we show why it was made that way. Itís easier to remember if you understand the reason why the airspace and corresponding rules were made. More than anything this is geared towards ultralighters and the places where they are likely to fly. Minutia is covered, of course, but emphasis is reserved for where it matters most.

Airspace is inherently 3 dimensional and should be presented that way. We do. Gain insight into the most challenging aspects of airspace and clear up common misconceptions to cement your understanding. Real life examples and graphics bring clarity like no other source.

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Airspace & Law For Ultralights
126 Minutes
DVD NTSC Widescreen
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Trailer for Airspace For Ultralights.


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