Paraglider & Paramotor Instructor

Teaching humankind's most personal form of flight.

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Paragliders and paramotors are extraordinary, simple flying craft. But they are hard to learn and even harder to teach. This book offers many man-years of collective wisdom for those who want to excel at teaching, and do so with the greatest safety.

Instruction looks easy—show someone what you do, and get them to repeat, right? Then why do so many students get injured or killed learning? We can do better. We must do better. This book aims to help. Pilots relish the freedom of our minimally regulated endeavor and we hope to keep it that way—minimally regulated. But the secrets to teaching success have, until now, remained locked up in individual instructor’s toolboxes. After years of traveling, watching, taking notes, and being saddened by training mishaps, Jeff Goin decided it was time to do something.

For two years he focused on learning how successful instructors succeed;
on how students learn, how they get hurt, what it takes to be
effective, and what it takes to thrive in the business. This book includes
best practices from dozens of successful instructors, then adds airline-
level understanding of human factors—how we interact with machines—
where appropriate.

Jeff’s aviation background includes 15 years of teaching in various
capacities and over 30 years of professional flying. More recently, he
went through instructor certification programs for paragliding and paramotoring.
Earning those instructor ratings was a small part of the research
that went into this project. Here’s hoping we can collectively
make a difference. 


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