Master Powered Paragliding 1: Advanced Ground Handling

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Part 1 of 4 in the Master Powered Paragliding Series, where you'll go way beyond the basics of launching a paramotor.

Master PPG 1,
92 minutes

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This is the most thorough training tool for advanced paramotor launching ever compiled. Using a combination of live action and animation, it is a comprehensive tutorial to help pilots, who have already learned the basics, launch like their life depends on it. It shows various techniques to improve success is many different situations.

92 minutes of live action with graphics and animation to clear up some surprisingly prevalent misunderstandings. Packed exposés on launching in no wind, high wind, confined areas, roads, crosswinds, finesse in all situations, high level launching around obstructions, wheels, tandems, how to configure your machine and much more.

These tips will help you nail a launch when it just has to work!

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Video 1: Advanced Ground Handling

Delve into the foundation of successful launching—ground handling. Learn many finer points of inflation, kiting in light winds, kiting in strong winds, using different techniques, different wings, harness varieties, what to practice, where to practice and more. From climbing up walls to finessing a reverse out of light wind, we'll show specifics, breaking down the actions in easily understood segments.

Production notes and follow the "Making Of" log for Master PPG 1.

Animation and graphics make the concepts crystal clear. It covers a lot in its 1:41 minute run time -- have your pause button ready.

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