Educational by Chapter of the Powered Paragliding Bible

I: First Flight

01 Training Process

02 Gearing Up

03 Handling the Wing

04 Prep For 1st Flight

05 The Flight

06 Flying With Wheels 

II: Spreading Wings

07 Weather Basics

08 The Law

09 Airspace   

10 Flying Anywhere

11 Controlled Airports

12 Setup & Mx

13 Flying Cross Country

14 Flying With Others

III: Mastery

15 Adv Ground Handling

16 Precision Flying

17 Challenging Sites

18 Advanced Maneuvers

19 Risk Management

20 Competition

21 Free Flight Transition

IV: Theory

22 Aerodynamics

23 Motor & Propeller

24 Weather & Wind

25 Roots: Our History

V: Choosing Gear

26 The Wing

27 The Motor Unit

28 Accessories

29 Home Building

VI: Getting the Most

30 Other Uses

31 Traveling With Gear

32 Photography

--- Not in book ---

33 Organizing Fly-Ins

34 Places To Fly

35 Preserving the Sport

36 Tandem

What's New in PPG Bible 5

From first sight to first flight and way, WAY beyond!

The world's most complete guide to Powered Paragliding just got better.

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This turned out to be a much bigger update than originally planned with nearly every part of the book enjoying attention.

As with previous editions, new or revised content reflects current technology and training methods. Page counts have again been redistributed, putting content where it's needed more. In this case, more and better information has been presented on traveling with gear.


There are MANY other revisions and corrections with more editing effort expended on this edition, and more eyeballs reviewing it, than any other.. The entire book was gone through this time thanks to the enormous help of Tim Kaiser who has made it much better. He not only helped improve the content but prevented many errors. There will still be some, there always are, but there should be fewer of them.

Million Dollar Press

Every edition, including this one, is printed on a million dollar 6-color press and laminated so we decided to make the six Section covers full color pictures. They're beautiful. They were previously done with grey scales. It makes it that much more enjoyable to look through.


The cover has been upgraded from edition 4 with thicker stock. Coated paper, as with previous editions, was used for a nice look. It is still a "perfect bound" build.

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Powered Paragliding Bible 5

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