PPG Tips & Tricks DVD

Some of the World's best paramotor pilots share their tips and tricks for improving.

Join multiple time world champ Mathieu Rouanet and others as they share some hard won tips on how to improve your piloting skill. Over 2 hours of PPG tips and information on engine launching more efficiently in high wind, zero wind, maneuvering your PPG wing in the air more effectively, maintenance and more.

Review by Jeff Goin

There is a large amount of information but, thanks to an extensive menu selections, it's easy to navigate from topic to topic. A couple of promotional sections can be watched or skipped at your leisure but the other content is very worthwhile. Plus, it's a fun watch, with cool action shots from all over the world interspersed in the useful tips. The pilots are all top notch, best in their country's, and willingly to share some of their wisdom.

Mathieu's expression when he sees a small cravat on his right wingtip is almost worth the purchase price.

This is different than the Master PPG series in that it is more a collection of tips rather than concentrated training. There's no animation, for example, but what it does offer is both extremely well constructed and useful. I learned from it, had fun watching, and think others will find it to be a great resource. Go here to purchase. The moment we think we know it all is the moment we start regressing. After soaking up cool stuff in this sport for many years I marvel at how there always seem to be more. This is a great example of the "more" to be had.



OZONE PWR: Tips & Tricks from the Pros on Vimeo.


Ozone PPG Tips & Tricks
125 minutes

Slimline Case


Add to your bag of tricks. This video will help show how from some of the world's top pilots.

The 2 hour DVD comes in a wrapped, slimline case.

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