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Hamann Comm System
made by Sport Link Communications

This is the only hardware sold on FootFlyer because it is the most reliable communications I've ever had. It's based on simplicity: there is no electronics, not even a resister, and no connections besides the one you plug into your radio. Nearly all my woes in the past have had to do with connections. So either use super high quality connectors or eliminate them. I've eliminated them. Plus, the old-technology M101/AIC with 150 Ohms works brilliantly in our particular environment, ie. a constant 25 mph wind over the mic muff.

Another main desire was to have something that can be added over your existing helmet system. You can leave the your mic in place and just wire tire this one to it, depending on which mount your purchase. If you buy the system without a tab or boom then you must have another way to mount it.

For compatibility, see the communications article. To do it yourself, see PPG Mike's article.

Item Description Price
2102 Wired M101 Mic, cable & PTT. Not Available
2103 Wired M101 Mic with 2" mounting tab, cable & PTT. (mounting tab attaches to the screw-in plug that goes into the M101) Not Available
2104 Wired M101 Mic with 6" adjustable swivel boom and nut, cable & PTT. Not Available
2110 M101 Mic (no mounting tab) with wind screen. Not Available
Adaptors: Just because the plugs fit physically does *NOT* mean the helmet will work with your radio electronically. You may want to try connecting them electrically before buying one of these adaptors since there is a 15% restocking fee for returned products.
2021 For Single plug FRS (2.5mm) to dual jack FRS (2.5mm & 3.5mm) adapter for many single-prong FRS radios. Motorola radios have a slightly longer jack than won't even work physically. Not Available
2022 For Two plug FRS (2.5mm & 3.5) to single jack FRS adapter for some FRS radios. Beware that Motorola, and possibly other, radios have a slightly longer jack than standard and these may not work. Not Available
4012 Dynamic mic swivel boom. (part 1 of 2) Not Available
4013 Dynamic mic boom earcup support "nut". (part 2 of 2) Not Available
All mics include wind protection sock.

Warrantee is provided by the manufacturer, Sport Link Communications, and buyer pays for 2-way shipping to their Michigan office.
Item Description Price

"If there's air there, it should be flown in" sew-on or heat transfer (not iron on) patch.


Return Items

Refunds are available on merchandise, if returned within 30 days, after a 15% restocking fee. Defective merchandise will be replaced, of course, without any fee for a period up to one year after original purchase date.

PPG Plans

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1. Complete 2104 with adjustable wire boom. Note the mic comes with a jack made for a special two-prong plug. If you order any of our models with the PTT, it will include the appropriate hardware.


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