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Buying Guide: Paramotor
About Master PPG Series
Airspace For Ultralights
Master PPG 1: Ground
Master PPG 2: Launch
Master PPG 3: Inflight
Master PPG 4: Landings
Bound For Glory
Security In Flight II
Meet PPG
Risk & Reward
Why We Fly
PPG Tips & Tricks
Parastars (Lite Touch)
Albuquerque 2002
Albuquerque 2003



How was my training?

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By far the most complete and recognized authority on Powered Paragliding"
- Phil Russman





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Powered Paragliding Videos / DVD's

See the fun, hear the fun, then go have the fun. | Video Reviews | Production Notes from the Master Powered Paragliding Series


Master PPG 1, Master PPG 2, Master PPG 3, Master PPG 4, the Airspace Video and much, much more!

Want to become a master? Check out the Master Powered Paragliding Series, PPG Tips & Tricks, and Security In Flight II.

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Master Powered Paragliding 1:
Advanced Ground Handling $30


Master Powered Paragliding 2:
Advanced Launching $30
Master Powered Paragliding 3:
Inflight Precision
(reg $34.95) Now $30

Master Powered Paragliding 4:
Advanced Landing $30


Airspace & Law For Ultralights
(reg $39.95) Now $35
Risk & Reward
Meet Powered Paragliding


Bound For Glory
Security In Flight

Ozone Tips & Tricks
From the Pros $24.95


Parastars: Discover
Why We Fly
$30 (Out of Stock)

Paratoys: Celebration of Flight


Albuquerque 2002
(Out of print) $30
Albuquerque 2003
(Out of print)
Nylon Migration
(out of print)
  Parastars 2003:
Nylon Migration $25  (Out of print)

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