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USPPA/USUA School Listing (click here)
A listing of USPPA PPG schools and select information about them.

Map of Paramotor Pilots

This is a self-maintained list of paramotor pilots worldwide. It will age, of course, as pilots move or get out of the sport and don't update their information. But it certainly offers a good starting point.



Web Address Highlights of it's contents  The best earbuds that work on any 1/8" jack.  Wireless PTT's and other comm accessories
Sport Link Comm  Custom Communications for paramotor pilots
Footflyer Comm System  High quality, simple communications system made to work with the broadest number of radios and helmets.
HiCam Comm Accessories  Purpose built comm system that allows integration of cell phone, communications radio and music. Australia.
Ham License In A Day  Use the best possible comms but be legal.

Software for Computer & Mobile Phone (Downloads Here)

Web Address (alphabetically) Highlights of it's contents
GSP Essentials Various flying related GPS tools also reported to be good for paramotor pilots. Thanks to Chicago area pilot Larry.
Navzilla Phone Air Navigation for Android with airspace  and GPS information. It's not in Marketplace. The Beta version is free (as of 03 Mar 2012). Thanks to Adam Bell.
PPGpS A number of PPG dedicated navigation and logging tools optimized for the powered paraglider pilot. Works on Android only.

General Interest Links

Web Address (alphabetically) Highlights of it's contents Inventions and Motor Maintenance Information
Aircraft Spruce Propeller Leading Edge Tape (3Mô Polyurethane Protective Tape 8674) Videos about Powered Paragliding from Jeff Goin and others.
(Insurance Info)
Landowner insurance Laws by state. Describes what a landowner is liable for when allowing recreational use of his property. For our purposes, the less the better...more likely to get permission for use.
Aviation Reviews Websites related to aviation in general. Information and tips on paragliding. While the focus is on free flight there is a wealth of knowledge for pilots whether the paraglider is powered or unpowered.
FeatherLightPPG Fun Website From Professional Pilot Christopher Pine
Insurance Commercial and individual insurance for paramotor pilots. PPG and PG Videos covering events, Training, Surviving and Enjoying
Mark's Paragliding Pages Web videos, educational articles and pictures.
Online Sectional Charts A source for high-quality sectional charts that you can download.
Understanding Sectional Charts (PDF) Definitive source for everything there is to know about U.S. aviation sectional charts. This is where I go for answers to questions.

Videos, books, accessories, etc. Information on nearly every paraglider wing made. Information on repairing carbon props and other things. By Bud Wruck. General information, Mapping of fellow pilots, links Information about schools and teaching paramotors Information and Products relating to the Sport Pilot aircraft and pilots. Tim Kaiser, USPPA Membership Admin, recounts adventures
WrightFinancialServices (Insurance) Life Insurance that includes paramotor flying and other activities
WingPrimer.html Nick Antanaccio's basic guide to starting powered paragliding: A PPG Primer.  Weather maps, airport diagrams (for General Aviation)
USParamotorNews  Weather maps, airport diagrams (for General Aviation)

Parts, Materials

Web Address Highlights of it's contents Wire ties that won't harm your fuel line. Walbro Carburetors WB37c, WB32, Tillotson Carburetors, and much, much more Ron Hogan's site with Walbro rebuild kits, fuel line, oil, parts for Black Devil motors and much more. Swing arch set ends for simulator. Use part number 06581 from swing set Canoe 40005T.
ENM Tachometers Small, low-cost recording tachometers (records operating time). Parts for the Miniplane and Top 80
Pat's Small Engine Plus Walbro Carburetors
Fasteners - Snap Buttons

Snap buttons commonly used on paramotor tubing (Valco Cleve)

Fasteners - Snap Buttons

Snap buttons commonly used on paramotor tubing (McMaster) called "Quick Release Buttons for telescoping tubing"

Fasteners - Quick Release Pins

Quick Release Weld-in pull pins or "snap pins" or "pop pins"(McMaster)

Weather Related

Web Address Highlights of it's contents FAA listing of recorded weather telephone numbers around the US. These are the ASOS and AWOS sites that report current weather.
Weather & Sectional Charts Gary Brown has put together a fantastic combination site for weather AND on-line sectional charts. More than you ever dreamed to know about weather as it pertains to flying. Many valuable links from here too. Turbulence Very General Turbulence Plot for Aircraft (LaunchCode) Launch weather forecasting tool tailored specifically for hang glider and paraglider pilots.


Paramotor, Cart Importers, Kits, Plans & Manufacturers
(Go to USPPA schools for local dealers)

Web Address Highlights of it's contents Corsair series of motors (engine only), parts and service incl. Black Devil Paramotor Importer: Fly Products, Sky 100
Aerothrust Paramotor Manufacturer: ZG Paramotor Importer: Mantis
AirParaMo See Grazhopper Paramotor Manufacturer: Blackhawk paramotors, formerly Paratoys Paramotor Trike/Quad Manufacturer Paramotor Manufacturer: Kobra PPG Paramotor Manufacturer: Spirit Paramotors
ParajetUSA Paramotor Importer: Parajet Paramotor Importer: Nirvana Systems Paramotor Manufacturer: Kits and completed units Paramotor Importer: Parapower Paramotor Manufacturer: SD, Importer RS Ultra
Paratoys See Blackhawk Paramotor Info Paramotor Plans Company and Links to Partial Kits Maker of kits for the Skybolt paramotor plans. Paramotor Importer: Fresh Breeze Paramotor Trike Manufacturer
US Wing Nuts Paramotor Importer: Pap

Props (not including OEM - see your dealer for those)

Web Address Highlights of it's contents New wood & carbon fiber Helix Propellers
JB Propellers Wood 2 and 3-blad PPG props for Simonini 202, Cors-air 172's, Top 80, Snap 100's
John Fetz Propellers PPG Propeller Repair (Wood & Composite)
MAH Blades Wood & Carbon props for Top 80, Snap 100, Sky 100, Simonini MINI 2, Cors-Air 172 Mojos Gear (Adventure, La Mouette and Cloudbase)
OlympicPPG PPG propeller repair (wood & composite) New Props for Solo 210, Simonini mini2 Plus (wood, composite) New Props for Solo 210, Simonini mini2 Plus (wood, composite) Ground Adjustable pitch composite props for most motors Tennessee Propellers (La Mouette) Carbon Fiber and wood propellers to fit Fresh Breeze and others motors GSC Systems (Nearly all PPG motors)


Wings (for repair shops, go here)

Web Address Highlights of it's contents Importer: Apco wings 
Aerothrust Importer: Dudek wings Importer: Pegas Axis and Fenix wings Importer: Ozone Power Paragliders Importer: Ozone Power Paragliders (Chicago Area)
Dudek Importer: Dudek wings Manufacturer: Paratoys wings Importer: Nirvana Systems wings Importer: Fresh Breeze Silex wings, Independence wings Importer: Gin Gliders, Advance Paragliders and Nova Paragliders Importer: MacPara Muse and Eden wings.
US Wing Nuts Importer: Ozone


Accessory Sales

Web Address Highlights of it's contents Flight suits, Paraglider Harnesses, Accessories
Airman PPG Helmets Helmets Flight suits, Paraglider Harnesses, Tow Bridles, Accessories Harnesses, Com Helmets, Reserves, Helmet Bags, Flight Decks, Books & DVD's Books, Accessories Books, DVDs, Flight Suits, Helmets, Windsocks & Poles, Stuff Sacks, Emergency Chutes, Carabiners, Engine Guages, Paramotor Covers T-shirts for pilots Variometers, integrated GPS-varios and motor management electronics Communications: Intercoms & Other aids NAC Helmets, Windsocks and Poles,  Accessories Web-based retail of just about everything PG and PPG related. Flight Suits, boots, 'biners, emergency chutes, harnesses, helmets
Paramotor Covers Grill covers recommended for paramotor covers/tarps. Chapter 31 Traveling with your paramotor lists specific model of grill cover that works. Importer Chameleon paramotor throttles (finger throttle).
PilotShopUSA Sells the M101/A dynamic mic that has proven to work so well with 2-meter (and other) radios. Contact Stephanie at 800-729-7503. Part number M0201. Distributor for PPG strobes Distributor for PPG-tailored car transporters (platforms)
Spinners Spinners for the Black Devil and probably others (made for R/C but work).
Super Fly Reserves, Paraglider Harnesses, Accessories Manufacture hydraulic Payin/Payout winches, Tow Bridles, Tow line, Glider stuff sacks, tree rescue kits. Carry other accessories. Flight suits and other gear. Manufacture hydraulic Payin/Payout winches, Tow Bridles, Tow line, Glider stuff sacks, tree rescue kits. Carry other accessories.
US Wing Nuts Importer Quest XC flight computer


SIV (Maneuvers) Clinics & Other Specialized Training

There is no certification program for these types of training clinics and this list is not an endorsement either of the school or the merit of maneuvers training. We do, however, only list schools whose instructors were, at the time of listing, USPPA or USHGA certified.

Web Address Highlights of it's contents  SIV Courses (advanced maneuvers recovery course)
BlackHawkParamotor  SIV clinics, about 6 per year depending on demand SIV clinics, about 3 per year
Super Fly SIV clinics, about 20 per year (recommended)


Paramotor & Engine Repair/Rebuild/Fabrication/Parts

Everything except for motor parts

Web Address Highlights of it's contents
Complete List There is a separate page dedicated to paramotor & Engine Maintenance

Paraglider Inspection, Repair & Reserve Repacks

Everything except for motor parts

Web Address Highlights of it's contents Online Sectional Charts
Cloud 9 Soaring Center Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair
High Energy Sports Reserve repacks
Paramotor City Glider Shop Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair
MojosGear Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair
Superfly Paragliding Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair, Reserve repacks
Top80Parts Motor parts for Top-80 by Brad Weiss Aluminum & Other welding, Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair


Our sport now has a dedicated periodical, Paramotor Magazine. It is brilliantly laid out and features the best photography of and by paramotor pilots. Jeff Goin contributes a column, the U.S. Roundup as well as periodic features.

Powered Sport Flying magazine continues to include USPPA's 6 pages per month of PPG content including Jeff Goin's look at flights gone awry in his Incidents column along with periodic features.

Printed Matter

UltimateHigh.jpg (634549 bytes)

This USPPA Poster graphic shows Tim Kaiser flying south of Las Vegas, NM.

PPG Screen Savers

These large format JPEG pictures should be sized to fit your screen so that it is not unduly cropped. John Fetz and "Bubba" Peters are flying over Cabezon in New Mexico.

The lower left shot is 1280 pixels and the lower right version is 1650 pixels across.

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Cool T-shirts for powered paragliding and other aviation pursuits.

Unique T-shirts for powered paragliding have been hard to come by until AeroSmack got in the game. They've got a great selection of incredibly cool designs just for both paragliding and powered paragliding. Even if you don't do aerobatics, the graphics are outlandish but with class.

The shirts themselves are printed by CafePress who does the USPPA shirts and logo items. Pictured at left is an example of the graphics and design used. Other aviation designs are available, too, for the multi-wingual pilot.

To see the whole selection or order, visit