Engine/Prop/Redrive Repair & Parts

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Motor Rebuilds & Repairs

Go cart shops and a few lawn mower shops will also be willing to work on paramotors however, you will have to supply them with parts.

Web Address Brands & Other Highlights of Services
Boulder, NV
Parts for the Cors-Air M21Y, Black Devil 172 and Black Magic M19
Northern CA
Parts & Service for Black Devil 100, Black Devil 172, HE 120, HE 313, Top 80, BH 90, BH Tallon, BH 350cc Revolver, BH 360 4-Stroke
Saint Cloud, NM
Parts and service for Snap 100, MZ100, Black Devil.
Service for the Top 80 and other motors. Leon Wacker, Saint Cloud, NM
Taylorsvill, NC
Parts and service for Solo 210, Snap 100, Simonini, Hirth 313 (Monster)
Motor Service City
Albuquerque, NM
Solo 210, Hirth 313, RDM and others, Prop Repair by Denzel Thompson,, (505) 363-9306 or (505) 892-8306
The Ultralight Place
Kankakee, IL
Parts and service for Top 80, Solo 210, Black Devil and others, Snap 100 and others

Electronics Parts & Repairs

Helmet repairs, radios, instrumentation, etc.

Web Address Highlights of it's contents
Robin Rumbolt or 865-690-4234. Helmet repairs, rewiring.


Robin Rumbolt or 865-690-4234. Radio Frequency (RF) Noise reduction kit for PPG. This kit takes about an hour to install for most pilots and includes a special spark plug cap that doubles as a keeper. If you your GPS, tiny tach or other electronics works fine when on the ground, but not when your engine is running, the likely cause is EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) from your engine's ignition. The kits will eliminate that, too. It works with any paramotor.

If you know of other sources for these services or products, please let us know at contact.