Powered Paragiding and Paramotor Flying

Paramotor Safety

Accidents & Incidents

A look at some examples of what can go wrong

We can either learn from others or get damaged learning on our own. Flying is still risky but dang there's a lot we can do with a bit of knowledge!

2017-07 Power Lines & Spin

2017-07 Power Lines
2017-06 Fatality: Steep & Low

2017-06 Fatality: Spiral

2017-05 Fatality: Steep, Low, Speedbar

2016 Jumping From Paramotor

Pylon Racing Accident


Titanium Balls & Judgment  

Mixer Accident II  

Jeff vs the Dust Devil

Fatal Turbulence  

Mid-Day Flying  

Thunderstorm Encounter  

Colorado Crash

Water: A Fatal Attraction

Rescue Gone Wrong

Torque Crash


Synchro Spirals


Obstruction (Tree) Crash

Crossing The Road Fatality




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