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Motor Problems

Redrives & clutches


Propeller Problems

Prop Repair



Chapter 12: Setup & Maintenance
Parts & Service

Tips on non-motor hardware improvements

Winterizing your Paramotor by Alex Varv


Wings don't always inflate right, radios don't always radio right and, lord knows, motors sometimes stop motoring. This guide is intended to help. If you have suggestions that can make it better, by all means send them along.

Contributions are welcome, will be acknowledged, and will make this a more valuable resource for all concerned.

See also Chapter 12: Setup & Maintenance  Parts & Service  Tools  Tips on non-motor hardware improvements  Winterizing your Paramotor by Alex Varv

Motor Problems including starters, fuel, exhaust and accessories

When the motor won't start or run properly.

09/27/2007 Specific motor pages added. Two motors currently include the Top 80 and Black Devil 172. I will welcome similar information on other makes. More will be added, especially for the Snap 100, as repairs and/or troubleshooting tips are discovered or sent in.

Redrives & clutches

The motor runs fine but something is amiss with the reduction drive, belt, or clutch.

Propeller Problems

Delaminating, Imbalance, Nicks, Breaks, Coming loose.

Harness/Frame Adjustment Problems

Excessive torque steer, tilt-back, unusual wear, carabiners

Wing Problems

Doesn't inflate well, turns, trimmers slip, has tears, sheath missing, line cut, continuous turning.

Communications Problems

Can't hear others, other's can't hear me, FRS/GMRS Radios, VHF Ham (2-meter), Aircraft, Connection Problem




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