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Chapter 12: Setup & Maintenance
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Winterizing your Paramotor by Alex Varv


Exhaust Issues

One of the most likely places for problems to appear, the Tuned Pipe and muffler

See also educational information on exhausts, Top 80 Improvement

A number of problems can befall the exhaust system, most of which have very unpleasant possibilities. They usually revolve around vibration.

Exhausts usually have two parts, the tuned pipe and silencer. A few, like the box muffler of the Solo 210 shown above left, have no tuned pipe. Tuned pipes are shaped so as to maximize power or reduce fuel burn at the same power. The tuned pipe usually has some baffling inside and the silencer has some form of packing to reduce noise.

Exhaust systems endure a brutal existence. High temperature and high vibration make cracking a common problem. And when parts break or let loose, the prop is there for them. It rarely survives the encounter.

Below are some of the problems commonly found.

Engine Attachment

Most engine's have an aluminum head with studs sticking out. Those studs are, of course, themselves screwed into the head and if the exhaust is over tightened against the head you will strip out the head threads. Also, if the bolts/nuts get loose they will allow the pipe to set up a resonance that can strip out the thread. Either way, you'll need to repair the thread.



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