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Chapter 12: Setup & Maintenance
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Winterizing your Paramotor by Alex Varv


Specifics: Top 80

Notes and references to this specific engine.

For the latest access to Top 80 parts see our Resources Page. There has been an increase in availability of Top 80 parts since 2008 and Top 80 equipped machines.

See also the Chapter 12 article on Getting Parts.

See also an article on Rebuilding the Top 80 redrive.

Prop Selection

Which prop you choose depends on which redrive you have.

Spark Plug Selection

Thanks Dave Moore and Brian Del Campo with this information.

The NGK BR9ES is the most common plug. Do not combine it with a resistor cap--the spark will be too weak.

Redrive & Bearings

Visit the Top 80 parts site listed above to find the appropriate bearing names. There are 4 bearings in two sizes. One of each size must be sealed since it is exposed to the outside.

See Rebuilding the Top 80 Redrive.


Top 80's use the WG 8 Carb. It's unique in that there is only one mixture screw which primarily controls the idle circuit. Since it does offer a way to compensate for altitude, you will not be able to lean it out when flying from higher elevations. However, having flown this motor from 7000 feet I can say that it isn't a show stopper for lighter pilots. At the time, I weighed about 160 pounds and was flying a small Silex.

Ignition Coil

Top 80's bury the coil deep in the guts. Here is how to change it out.



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