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Chicagoland Paramotor Mania 3

Aug 18, 2007 Naperville, IL: Monday

It's tough when you can launch in your back yard. Any perfect morning means I'm only a few minutes from taking a quickie, even though I need to be working on other things. Such was the case Monday morning.

Normally I setup on the taxiway centerline, right down the middle. This time I wanted to try it from my hangar. Not that my neighbors mind but this way I did the entire launch on my property. I just gotta keep the wing out of that tree on the right. So far, so good.

I explored a new uncongested path through to a beautiful little stretch of river as you'll see in the pics. Plus I found a launch site only a few miles from the house that is very near this river. Besides minimizing our noise, It's good to spread it around.

Nothing too earth shattering here but it's always nice to find something new.


Afternoon Delight

Alex Varv lives nearby and we've been flying together for years. But now that I'm flying a Black Devil powered machine, it's quite handy. I sure see why he's earned the moniker "mother" Alex and am thankful to be a beneficiary. In fact I have to keep him away from the motor so that we can just enjoy flying together. My muffler finally bit the dust and he had a new one in stock. He wanted to help install it which I appreciate, of course, but would rather save his expertise for the more challenging tasks. As it happened I fixed the old one (rube goldberg) and am going to keep the new one as a spare. Money well spent for peace of mind. I do appreciate his offer to help, though, and love having parts available locally. If you have a dealer who stocks this stuff, make sure to buy from him.

This afternoon, Tim, Alex and I set out for cross country flight to the same river I flew earlier but from a completely different direction. We cruised and played while I logged more pictures. For me that adds a lot. I love sharing this thing and pictures are hard to beat.

It was a bit bumpy in places but we were still able to do long foot drags on a couple sod farms. Overall another great time exploring even if the area was familiar.

Fellow Flyer and Photoshopper

It was fun getting this from David Downey in Panama City. A paramotor pilot with knows his way around photoshop. He has some great stories, too, an enjoyable with with words. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from him. 

He also is quite the artist.

1. I drove to this launch site about a mile from home, paramotored to the helicopter, rotored my way to the house, then rollerbladed back here to fetch my van. This was my idea of a fun morning.

2. Tim Kaiser following the railroad. Actually he was well above it since there are high tension lines just to his right.

3. Alex Varv cruising south Naperville.

Remember, If there's air there, it should be flown in!