All the Way from Germany

Sept 4, 2007 Visitor from Afar

Few people are better at mooching motors than Stefan. It's one of the coolest things about know folks all over, though, that you can frequently borrow equipment as long as you trust either their skill or ability to cover any potential oopses. I don't worry about either from Stefan.

He lives in Germany most of the time but works for an American company and returns here periodically. It was a pleasure, as always, to share are and catch up on the latest happenings in Germany.

Dr. Dave McWhinnie was able to join us for a local gathering.

Stefan flew my Snap, Dave flew my Snap, Tim flew his Top 80 and Stefan flew David's RDM. Both Tim and I tried out Stefan's Action wing. Nice, even at 29 m it felt smooth and handled well. I compared it to the power required on my Spice and they were very close. The 22 m Spice is hard to beat for efficiency--it required a hair less power to fly level than the 29 m Action. Both were a lot more efficient than the Silex which required about 800 rpm more (8200 instead of 7400). I wish I could have done that comparison with the Naja although I suspect the Naja would be inbetween.


Yours truly dragging by. Photo Tim Kaiser

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