NE Florida: Round Lake to Corn Maze by PPG

Nov 18, by Marty Hathaway

Scott's Corn maze is aprox. 8 miles southwest
of the Round Lake Rd. LZ.

1. This year's maze will only last until the end of November. 3) Marty from above. "I trust this was a telephoto shot, right Nelson???" 4) Jerome was very quick on the return trip, with his GT powered by a PAP 125. Eric having a little fun ride with Brian's Air boat. I even got to drive too for the first time.

Marty and the Florida flyers typically cruise to their destination aboard Mike Britt's Parabarge.

Over the water and through the water. Author Marty pictured above with Eric Dufour at the helm. Next is CC, Carlos, Elisabeth and Eric riding the Para-Barge to
Pawpaw Mound.

This is truly a fun way to go but you better have a deep pocket for the gas mileage. Thanks Brian for the use of your boat.

Fly, Boat and Be Safe, Marty

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!