ParaFlyers Full Treatment

Nov 30, 2007 (added 12/04) Florida's greatest PG/PPG Trip

They sure know how to treat a snowbird here. Christmas Florida beats Orlando by a landslide. Of course, being able to fly out of the back yard doesn't hurt.

I got the full treatment, too. From an outing on the parabarge to the paramotor extreme makeover capability of Mike, Marty and Rob and wingsmith Elisabeth. On my last day I even took a spin on the ParaGoRound. What a hoot! My idea to get photographs while spinning wasn't so bright—it got made me queasy although I kept lunch down.

Then there was soaring in Melbourne and more power flying at a huge open abandoned development called GDC. First, the parabarge story.

As most readers know, Mike Britt, along with the help of many friends, rebuilt a pontoon boat as a paramotor carrier. It's better than the titanic in unsinkability given that the pontoons are foam filled. Even if water does get in, it won't fill them. More importantly, the aluminum deck purpose built for mounting paramotors to the side. And they're secure enough to put them aboard and use the boat for transporting them on the trailer, too.

So at 7:30am we loaded the gear, hooked up and headed to the boat launch only a few miles away. Eric backed the boat down into floating position and captain mike piloted it to the nearby sand where we all hopped aboard.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest. It was a beautiful morning. Fog was thick at first but burned off in time for some great flying.

1. Bald eagles watch us motor by in the barge. 2. This battleship wore teeth. 3. Eric guides the boat down while Mike readies the helm. 4. Myself (Jeff Goin), Scott Adair and Mike Britt do formation fly bys while Eric snaps photos.

1 & 2. We were just asking how the cows got from one island to another. Now we know--they swim.  3. Trike flyby.

1. Elisabeth inflating. 2. Rob Catto helps med my broken cage after a downwind attempt went sour. 3. I got the bright idea of taking pictures while going around. Need more light. Need more brains. 4. Yup, that one's hungry. That's why I'm so high.

1. The boat clan Elisabeth & Eric, Mike Britt, Scott Adair and Jeff Goin. 2. Mike flies by while Elisabeth prepares for flight two. 3. That splash isn't a goldfish that Mike's scaring away. Not all alligators are this skittish and one of them looked me over pretty good. A tasty little 145 pound morsel, he thought. 4. Eric redies the spot landing target.

1 & 2. My paraGoRound ride. This was the maintenance test flight for Marty's paramotor. 3. What's wrong with this picture? 4. Parking the parabarge, Mike guides us to shore while the rest of us mug for the camera. 5. Eric radio'd us into this formation then snapped the shot.

1. Scott Adair launching. 2. Mike Britt launching. 3. Mike rounds the tree stand. 4. Mike on the way back.


A high res version of this composite will be used in a description of wheeled launch technique. There are many variations and Elisabeth made this one look good.

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