Salton Sea - Paratoys

Feb 11, 2008 Western Wings West

Boy do I hope these two fly-ins are on different weekends next year! The Paratoys Salton Sea fly-in and Phoenix Flying Circus were held on the weekend of Feb 9. I split it up by attending Paratoys on Thursday-Friday and the Circus on Saturday-Sunday. That actually worked out well on this trip since I didn't have time off for the 10-day affair.

Since the Enterprise is in Florida and my other gear is in boxes from a recent Mexico trip, I was in Mooch Mode—trying out different motors, wings and carts. Let me tell you, wheels are on a roll. I'll bet that half of every launch was made by some sort of cart. That's true of both events. And I tried some new carts.

First Paratoys. It was the much larger event with probably 150 pilots coming by the time I left after Friday evening's festivities. There were quite a few hang glider trikes, Chuck's Quicksilver and at least one other 3-axis machine was supposed to show up on Saturday.

Lots of new goodies were on display and an unwitting demonstration of the "Low Boy" quad was performed while I snapped pictures. Too bad it wasn't video although there was undoubtedly at least one camera rolling.

One thing about these events--any screw up is guaranteed to be captured by someone. I got some good stuff myself.

Alas, time doesn't allow a full write up yet but there'll be more to come, from Paratoys and the Flying Circus where I'm now preparing to leave. It's been an absolute blast at both events with a number of firsts for me including a base jump. Well no, not me, but more later.


Organizer Bob Armond chats with Wayne & Suzy Mitchler.

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