Where is Jeff?

Feb 25, 2008 Lost in the Snow

2008-Mar-10 It is finished. Well, almost. There's not much more that I can do, anyway, so I'm slowly going to start reclaiming the rest of my life. Magazine deadlines still loom but they pale in comparison to the recent effort.

Plans are in process for another paramotor trip to the farthest south I've ever traveled. That's in May. Then in June I'm off to Europe—another first—for a paramotor/paragliding trip from England to France to Germany. Thanks to Paul Bailey and Stefan Obenauer who are helping host me and hopefully Phil Russman.

2008-Feb-26 Emails are piling up, FootFlyer is longing for updates and many pictures yearn for their spotlight. As the umpteenth snowstorm of winter blunderland re-paints the burbscape, I work. Having returned from my real job and some fun para-jobs.

Boy I've been to some incredible places lately. I so much want to get some of this stuff up but, alas, am struggling. It's not that I'm disengaging; quite the opposite—I've become totally immersed in another project. I've been forced into it, really, but am glad it has come to this. I've seen some of the results and they are good. It will be worth the time.

I'm not allowed to say what it is. Yet. You'll see it here soon enough, though. It's the second biggest single undertaking of my life (writing the PPG Bible was first).

Bear with me, in about two months, you'll be glad I ensconced myself so completely behind this silly computer. Working on my project du jour day and night, on the crew bus at work, on overnights, while deadheading and even while sitting in my van when a particularly nettlesome problem neared solution.

Of course I've taken time for flying. What's the point of a paramotor-related project if not for the occasional traipse abroad into PPG wonderlands. Gotta have something to do projects for, huh?

Back to work with me. I've seen the light at tunnels end and it's not a train. It's not very bright, mind you, but it's better than the black hole of the project's beginning.


OK, back to work.


It's the only good thing about winter. Sitting for hours on end working on projects is a bit easier to swallow when the only  thing flying is falling in little white crystals.

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