Elisabeth's 50th & PPG Water Ski

Apr 6, 2008 Elisabeth Guerin passes a half century.

I'm mighty thankful for my job, but it does occasionally require sacrifices. That was the case for missing the Birthday bash of Saturday night. I missed some great people and a great time. I'll have pictures up soon from Leslie Britt, who is (among other things) an increasingly capable pilot, teacher, shooter of guns and shooter of pictures.

I arrived Sunday and we soon commenced flight. Launching is what separates this sport from other types of aviation. Even some experienced pilots struggled getting out of this field in the light and terrible winds.

Monday morning provided the most amusement. File it away that accomplished pilot Stan Kasica loves the water. Agama was built for him. He's one of a few people who has seen it work in real life.

Be careful what you ask for. I mentioned how I really wanted to PPG with a water ski like Nick Scholtes did some years back. I would be happy with being the 2nd person to do it. I made the mistake of mentioning that to Aqua Man. So the next morning, Stan shows up at my doorstep to inform me that the boat is loaded and ready, complete with slalom water ski. I couldn't pass it up.

I'll have more details but, thanks to Dave Ingersoll, you can see it worked (video below). And there are a bunch of pictures of the event and of Stan water skiing and shoe-skiing yet to come with a surprise ending.

I flew the electric! It was remarkable. See it reviewed here.



PPG Water Skiing the St. Johns River. Image by Dave Ingersoll.

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