Gravity Defiance Down Under

Apr 27 by Richard Sheldon

Richard Sheldon lives in Australia and shares air frequently. I thank him for sharing one particular gorgeous day. He writes:

Well, I've had a BLAST this last week, flying virtually every day, both PG and PPG. Yesterday at the lake, Bohdan and I flew from David's 1km runway. I considered 1km to be a slight overkill for my purposes :-)

I was in the Quixo and Bohdan was on his second flight of his new QUAD CAT.

We were joined by one of the lakeside property owners in their microlight trike. Meanwhile, on the lake's edge, an evening campfire was on, surrounded by the local lakeside property families, sharing the moment, and drinks, and the setting sun. Now, this was no ordinary campfire. It included a big fat log about the length and mass of a car! (The purpose was actually to burn and get rid of some excess materials.)

Anyway, we swooped around, and I did some steep full-power turns very low above the currently dry lake bed... a new exhilarating pleasure that I am starting to explore with my Revolution wing. The setting sun was a red ball of fire above the white lunar landscape. We visited another property owner 5km away, came back at 75km/h ground speed with the tailwind, and then more playing around, followed by a landing in near darkness. Then we joined the group for drinks beside the monster fire, under the stars, with the lake's vastness before us. Magic.

And tonight... Well, see attached picture "Richard and Moon". That shot shows my town, Aireys Inlet. One of them includes a distant photo of the very same lake described above, except this time, taken 2500' above the Inlet.

I've also attached a photo of me skimming the beach in the Quixo. And regarding "Over Fairhaven", that's the town 2km away where Don Jordan did some free-flying. You can see the ridge he soared at the right of the picture. I flew past there tonight, although this shot is from a while back.

Thanks for sharing Richard!


Upper left. Lake Modewarre.

1. Over Fairhaven.

2. Richard with the moon.

3. Near Anglesea.

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