Verbier, Switzerland

Soaring the French Alps

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This is something I've read about in the magazines and seen on videos. And finally, here I am.

Just walking out to launch, above the sprawling Swiss countryside, was incredible. The Sound of Music should have been playing. And I had my paraglider with me.

Most PG trips I've done are rustic affairs to say the least. They've always been a blast and will probably comprise most of my future ones but not this time. We've arrived at what amounts to as a PG all-inclusive resort where up to 14 paraglider pilots gather and immerse themselves in flight during daylight and then rehash the experiences in luxurious fashion afterwards. We're staying in a villa that provides views of the countryside below and mountain above. It's a remarkable place on its own right that would be worth a visit just for the sake of being here.

The hosts are high-time paraglider instructors who have been absolutely fantastic. I'm amazed at their pleasant enthusiasm given how they do this every day, probably 6 days a week sometimes. Incredible hospitality is delivered with quality and sincerity. I'm impressed. For anyone wanting to experience the Swiss Alps soaring, this is a high-class way to do it. Comfy, too. They cater to raw beginners and advanced pilots alike.

The flying has been spectacular albeit excessively cloudy. Even so we got three flights in yesterday and ended the first two voluntarily. One was at the recommendation of locals who didn't like the developing clouds. OK, I'm good with that.

There are humorous little side story's that I don't have time to include here since breakfast beckons followed by the day's flying. Then we may head out for dryer weather to the south.


1. Thad, Natasha, Phil & Jeff

2. On launch. I went later so as to get pictures. Phil captured some fun video, too.

3. Phil and I work to stay out of the clouds as we head for a glacier and Dam at the valley's east end.

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