The Racing Summer

Didn't summer just begin? Paramotoring the home turf, finally.

I don't remember when summer began, only that it seems halfway over.

I've traveled for all of my recent outings so local flying in summers warmth, without the usual accoutrements of cold, was especially enjoyable. The flight was nothing special, really, but it was home and smooth and lush and green. No, there weren't any mountains or canals or foreign homes, but fields of the familiar have their own appeal.

Tim and I went out for an all-evening traipse that was perfect. Even though the forecast calm eluded us, it was nice enough to tickle various vegetation with our feet. Some new parks offered up empty paths to scrape soles on.

Ahhh, how  nice. And man do I love the Miniplane/Spice combination. After cranking the Mistral around the Alps for 8 days it was extremely nice to get back aboard my responsive handling little Spice. There's just nothing like it, especially with the weight shifting Miniplane. I've had to give up that nice carbon fiber prop for a while because it apparently belonged to someone else. Lord willing I'll have another soon and sure hope it's as good as the one I sent back because this wood version sucks in comparison. My max climb rate on the carbon fiber was 370 fpm, on this prop it's 270. Obviously the motor is working harder just to fly level and there's less thrust for climb.

I moved the Miniplane's hang point back slightly so I stand a bit more erect on landing. Indeed that helped and made landing slightly more comfortable. I've been doing some spot landing practice and continued to do so on this flight.

Upon returning we encountered a convergence of sorts. The wing changed 120 and I experienced unnatural lift. The northwest wind became east/southeast. Strange. But it wasn't particularly bumpy.

Polo Field

Yesterday (Friday) morning we headed for the Polo field and were pleasantly surprised to find local pilots Gary and Pete already there. They had both already flown, with Gary landing last. He reported trashy air, surprising given the lack of wind. Of course I had to find out and so did a little flight myself. Yup, just like he said, trashy. I worked off a couple spot landings and called it a day.

Speaking of spot landings, don't miss out on the competition. Go here.

Tim couldn't get his motor started so he didn't fly, nor was he that disappointed after hearing of the bumps. Thanks to "Gadget Gary's" stash of goodies and expertise, we figured out Tim's kill switch was bad. No spark whatsoever. Disconnect the kill switch and she lit up like lightening. Easy fix.

In spite of flying's brevity, it was fun hooking up with Gary and Pete. We'll all be spending the weekend down at Kankakee in a couple weeks which promises some great flying

As an aside, Remy Swaab, Panama canal flight organizer, will be coming to join us in Kankakee. Don't miss out!


1. The polo field boys. Pete is waving, Tim is fueling, and Gary is just lookin' good.

2. The polo field.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!