Panama PPG Ambassador & Kankakee

Remy Swaab of Panama Crossing Fame Pays A Visit North

Remy organized the Panama Canal following crossing of his country and now wanted to see something different. Granted, the Illinois cornscape isn't as spectacular, but I was able to show him a great heli-tour of downtown Chicago.

Then it was off to Kankakee where Jim Leon and Lance Marczak have put together a growing gathering of fliers. All types, too. There are lots of PPC's and PPG's along with a smattering of trikes and fixed wings. Plus, being at an airport, the occasional airplane saunters by but stays sufficiently far from our grassy area.

Thursday evening, after an earlier paramotor flight, we harbored the delusion that we might go again. But alas, with lots to do and dinner calling, we skipped it. Good thing, too, upon reaching the end of our driveway, we looked left and saw one of the most impressive storm clouds of our lives. I grabbed my camera and we drove to an open field. Wow. This looked like the devil and he was pissed at something. We admired it until it began spitting on us. That was impressive.


Wet and wily describes it best. 400 feet high was enough to fly backwards facing into the stiff blow. And it was bumpy down low. A couple props bit the dust. Even Remy, who was playing down low on a pass, got dumped. He does a great job, especially considering his only 40 flights or so, and now got to log a good Illinois dump.

Lance had a family emergency and wasn't able to join us until evening. We've got a great group of paramotor freaks here so, in spite of lousy weather, it's a great gathering.

Row one: 1) Tim, Remy and Neighbor Jim pose with a most impressive storm. 2) Remy launches on his Checkout flight of my Blackhawk. 3) A PPC and PPG share the sunset. 4) Paul Anthem hasn't kicked the smoking habit yet.

Row two: 1) Overview. 2) PPC takes flight. 3) A REAL smoker!


Don't you love depending on the weather? This scene greeted us on Saturday morning. As I right this, the rains have finally passed and sunshine is upon us. Let the games begin!

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!