12-06 SAT-PHX

11-23 Tandem PPG+

11-02 Texas Treat 

10-04 Enjoy Field 

09-27 Interesting Angles 

09-21 Helmet Video 

09-06 PPG on TV 

08-30 Naper Aero 

08-22 Michigan 

08-03 Weird Winds  

07-27 WAG/USPPA Results 

07-24 WAG Qualifier 

07-19 Boyer 

07-12 Kankakee 

06-21 Racing Summer 

06-16 To Paris 

06-15 Mannlichen  

06-12 Interlaken 

06-11 Swiss Alps 

06-07 Europe 

06-01 Backyard 

05-27 STL 


05-21 JAX-Arkoma 

05-19 Thirty Seconds 

05-08 Panama Boat 

04-30 Panama 

04-28 Top 80 Changeover 

04-27 Australia

04-18 Orlando to JAX  

04-06 Party & PPG Water Ski 

03-30 Pine Island 

03-21 Hawaii  

02-25 Where is Jeff? 

02-07 Paratoys 

01-20 Mexico Mix 

01-01 Pine Island


Fall of 2008 will bring my first trip to Texas. Then it's on to Phoenix and San Diego by January, 2009.

Summer in Chicago has been awesome and next summer I'll miss it. She'll be staying out west to let me explore the Pacific Northwest for the first time. That's hard since it's good weather at home.

2008 Aug 26 I've been turned on to a cool new twist on wakeboarding, a sport I've only done once. Thanks to Jeff Hamann for that. But after looking into wake kiting, I was intrigued. What started out as an exercise in website securing, turned into interest. Of course I'm not changing my allegiance, but if someone has one of these things, I'll love to try it. Check out http://www.WakeKiter.com

(Above) Capturing the enterprise as she awaits my return. When this was shot I was enjoying white sands beach cruising in Southeast Florida.

(2nd) The greatest job on earth. Don't tell my boss. Darin minds the store while I snap one off.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!