Log: Illinois Ultralight Safety Seminar

2010 March 12 From being there in "spirit."

I didn't get to go this year because of work obligations but have committed to helping out next year. It's a great gathering of pilots where stakeholders in ultralight land can share information to improve the sport. Every branch is represented from rotorcraft to paramotors and, in fact, paramotors had the biggest presence of displayers there with two machines. Jeff Stienkamp had his homemade trike and a Paratoys dealer was showing off the latest quad.

The basic intent is to provide useful and entertaining information to both participants and those interested in ultralight flying. The state of IL is producing a professional video of the seminars. Contact Roy Beisswenger for a copy or how to obtain one.

Thanks to Jeff for his write-up about the event, included below.

by Jeff Steinkamp

The Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council (IUAC), the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics, and the Federal Aviation Administration, Springfield FSDO held their 30th Annual IUAC Ultralight/Lightplane Safety Seminar on Saturday, February 27, 2010 in Springfield, IL. This gathering of over 200+ registered ultralight/lightplane pilots as well spectators was held on the Illinois State Fairgrounds in the Illinois Building.

I had the opportunity to display some my powered paragliding equipment including my new home built trike design and to show some PPG videos to many interested people. I answered lots of questions and handed out over 75 USPPA Brochures. I seemed to have more interest in the display this year than in the past 5 years that I have attended this event. I believe this is the case because I was showing a wheeled launch version of powered paragliding. Since most of the participants in this seminar are of the more “mature” age, like me, I believe they gravitated more to the wheeled launching than foot launching. Also, I had several pilots looking to transition from the powered parachute world to the powered paragliding venue due to increased FAA regulation and cost of purchasing and owning a powered parachute.

Some of the other people in attendance were:

Susan Shea, Director of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics. I met Ms. Shea in 2005 and have worked with her on various projects when I was the Airport Director at the Quincy, Illinois Regional Airport (UIN). She is a tireless advocate for all forms of aviation activity in the State of Illinois.

Roy Beisswenger, one of the organizers of this event and a strong supporter of the PPG community. Roy was the key person that helped set up and run the recent World Air Games PPG Qualifying Competition at the Greenville, IL Airport in July of 2008.

Michael Mixer, a new Paratoys Dealer from near Quincy, IL, was also there
displaying a Low Boy Quad and canopy. He was kept busy discussing equipment and training.

Overall, this Safety Seminar is a well organized and informational event and I would like to see more of the PPG community participate in the future, especially my Illinois brethren.

1. There is a place for vendors to set up. Here the IL Paratoys dealer is talking to an interested audience.

2. Susan Shea and Jeff Steinkamp next to Jeff's homebuilt trike.

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