Homeward Bound

2010-Apr-28 Headed Home With The Enterprise

It's the long haul. In a plan solidified only the day or so before departure, Tim Kaiser and I are bringing the Enterprise all the way from Phoenix to Chicago.

One thing we didn't plan on was having nearly our entire route under a wind warning. Given my recent experience with extreme wind changes I'll be less likely to ballet the breeze but did get one ride on Ryan's Nirvana Rodeo and Plasma 22 Tue morning.

More importantly, I got a bunch of shots required for Master PPG. Finally, I'm making real progress on this project and seeing the results. I've not got 12 minutes (of 90) completed for video 1: Advanced Ground Handling. The scenes we shot with Ryan have already been placed to fill in necessary spots. It's exciting to see it come together.

I've already got a review of the rodeo but will be doing an update since this model sports a 3-blade prop which, on this implementation, was extremely smooth. It felt like it had more power and more torque twist, too. The harnes comes off easily and kites nice which was something I needed to get for a section of the video that addresses various harness options for kiting. Fresh Breeze is another brand that has a comfortable dual-purpose harness.

The flight was short because conditions were already getting nasty. It was good to fly the Plasma since I'm probably going to compete with it at Beach Blast if I can get a practice run or two on it first.

We got on the road soon after flying and made quite a bit of progress, reaching Gallup, NM before calling it a night. I was capturing, labeling and editing much of the way and will soon complete another 6 minute segment.


No flying today, either. Already wind gusts are lapping at our walls and stronger seas loom. Funny that I'm OK with that given how much I'm enjoying making real progress on Master PPG. One bummer is that I'd hoped to get some practice runs before Beach Blast but that's not likely this trip unless the winds die down. Maybe Thur or Fri in Kansas City. I'm hoping to visit Tim and Christine Doughty there. Hopefully today we'll get to spend some time with the Daniele's in Albuquerque but this is extremely short notice.


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