Hatch Elementary School Demo

Taylor Park, Oak Park, IL

My brother David has offspring at Hatch Elementary school and asked me to do a demo for the school. The principal has to be one of the world's coolest people because she was all over it, even getting permission to use the adjoining park. That meant I could actually fly instead of just kite like I did last year.

But this is, by no means, a large park. It's little bigger than a soccer field. Now I've flown in more confined areas but not surrounded by 40 foot trees. This place is completely surrounded and, of course, there are soccer posts. Go figure. So I took this as an opportunity to both do the demo and get footage for Mast PPG. There's a bit on both the launch video (2) and landing video (4) about dealing with confined areas. So I had one camera on the ground and another on my frame. The footage came out great! The ground launch shot didn't work (wrong button) but the landing shot is spot on. I shut off the motor while it was at cruise power just to make it more clear that "hey, his motor just quit." Then I landed crosswind just in front of them with a nice, long slide. Oh man is that stuff fun!

Afterwards we did about a half-hour of questions and answers which seemed to go pretty good. There were no shortage of questions and, to answer a couple of them, I strapped into a kiting harness and did some stuff with the wing. Judging from their reactions it was quite well received. I can hardly imagine my own reaction had something like that been done at my elementary school. Figure that I was only two grades beyond these guys when I soloed a glider (I was 14 years old).

Overall it was a blast to fly, fun to see the smile, and fun to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law.

Hatch Elementary School enjoyed a PPG demo May 20 at Taylor Park field near Chicago, IL. It's just big enough and just outside ORD's B airspace. I had to spiral out and spiral back in but it worked great. They seemed to love it. The police did show up but we had all the permissions. And of course cameras were rolling so it will also be part of the confined area launch material for Master PPG 2 (Mastering the Launch) and 4 (Mastering Landing)

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!