2011 Paratoys & Largest U.S. Competition

More flying and filming, but also Competition.

This is the big one. Here and John Black's Beach Blast are where pilots can come see the latest goods, try it out, and fly to their hearts content. We had all worried that, being a few hundred yards inland from the water, might require begging off mid-day flying. Although it is certainly more bumpy, judging from the masses that flew all-day long, and the ability to run competitions until 11am, it's not enough.

Mike Robinson, his wife Michelle, and many volunteers make this thing possible and I'm sooo thankful for them being willing to go through this. And I marvel at how easily people complain so


This was the largest U.S. Competition ever by quite a lot. Of course our numbers are miniscule by European standards but it's still cool to see. We had 20 pilots, and according to Director, Eric Dufour, had to turn at least one pilot away since the scoring sheets were full at 20. We tried to accommodate late check-ins but these score sheets have to be prepared in advance.

Boy was there some drama on this one!

World Record

British pilot Dean Eldridge wanted to become the fastest paramotor pilot on record.

More to come...

Passion For Flight

I started working on this little write-up at 4:30AM--not an uncommon occurrence since, when I can't sleep, I get up, work on something, then fall back asleep when the  tireds strike.

Nirvana's Pavel just showed up. What a amazing guy. You have no idea how passionate this guy is about flying and you'd also have no idea that he owns the Nirvana paramotor company. He's a rare breed, it seems. I've never heard him once bash another brand and I've also never seen him miss an opportunity to fly.

And he's extremely talented--aggressive, too. Wingtip drags require precision even for a quick touch, but keeping it going all the way around is harder yet, and doing it with a small wing dramatically reduces margins because your body is necessarily within inches of the ground. The more wing, the higher your body is. Pavel is flying a 14m (proj)!

I just hope he

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