Paratoys Thrust Tests

2011-02-10 Coutesty www.Paratoys.com & SkyBiker Aviation

Thrust tests are one data point for comparing the thrust of motors. On two different days you'll get different results, probably up to 10%. Plus, some manufacturers may use different props than the machines are sold with (i.e. using bigger props with  smaller cage clearances for the thrust test).

But this is a good starting point to compare claims. Thrust is the ultimate test for paramotor pilots whereas horsepower is what engine makers live by. A high horsepower motor mated to the wrong prop/redrive will may still be a low power machine. 

Thanks to Mike Robinson of Paratoys for providing the thrust test equipment and Wayne Mitchler for recording and providing the data. Testing was performed at the Salton Sea, CA at an elevation of -50 feet, near 30.00 inches of barometric pressure, and 65 degrees F.

Engine              Prop             Thrust (in pounds)   

MZ34  313           GSC wood 52"     212
Rotron 294          3 blade 48"      210
Talon 175           GSC wood 49"     179
Flat top 200 Super  3 blade CF 51"   172
BD172               Alex 49" Helix   166
Fly Products 130    Wood 51"         163
Christian's BH 185  Wood 48"         160 (Christian's Water Cooled Converted to 172cc)
Moster              Wood 49"         153
Paratour Ultra 130  Wood 49"         132
Polini 110          Wood 49"         125
HE 120              Wood GSC 49"     125
Top 80              Helix CF 49"     110
HE 80               Wood 49"         106
Top 80              Wood 49"         105

Mike and Michelle Robinson

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