Fellow Paramotor Pilot Personal Tragedy

2011-02-20 Las Vegas

There is a group of pilots in Las Vegas where Alex Varv (of Aero Corsair fame) is now based. They've been flying together there for the past couple years, growing slowly in numbers and enjoying the sport together. A few weeks ago, tragedy struck one of them.

Bill Baby, a very happily married man, described his wife as his universe. Bill was planning on being at the Paratoys fly-in at the Salton Sea but  came down with a sickness as did his wife. It seemed like just another flu bug that they would soon be over and press on with their plans, including flying for Bill. Then the unthinkable: his wife stopped breathing. He administered CPR until the paramedics arrived but it wasn't enough. She didn't make it.

There are no words to describe the depth of this kind of loss. But he didn't have the luxury of withdrawing from the world because reality meant taking care of his family.

They were a two-income household with three kids, including one with special-needs, and they had plenty of plans for the future with seemingly lots of time to save for retirement. Besides the obvious trauma of losing his lifemate, he is now faced with crushing financial burdens. The funeral/burial alone wound up costing $16k which went on credit cards. He's immediately looking to find much cheaper living accommodations but, in the meantime, must make ends meet. He obviously regrets not having more squirreled away but there's not much to do now.

Alex Varv wants to help out in any way we can as a community to help a fellow flyer in a life-altering event and I applaud his effort. I offer this up as my little piece of help.

If there's any way you can help, I asked for Bill's Paypal account that could be used for direct contribution. You can PayPal the money to mrbill76@cox.net or click on the link below and enter your donation amount.

Enter number of $ in Quantity Field.

Thanks for your help. Condolences to Bill.


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