Last Gasps

Oct 8, 2011

We don't get this many good days in October so we just had to take advantage of it. 78F? Wow. And so advantage I took. Tim and I went up to the polo field, meeting with a number of Chicago area pilots. Lance had been nearby, buying equipment for his growing empire, and stopped in for flying. I'd been giving helicopter rides earlier in the afternoon and didn't have time to drive up there with the paramotor so Tim and I flew the helicopter. Lord knows it was already warmed up.

Lane Reed is a wheel pilot who is taking his first strides into foot launch and did a splendid job in a light wind condition.

It was great to see Dave Moore get airtime. Local host of our IPPGA website and Ham Radio guru, Gadget Gary, posed for some flying pictures. He made that look good!

Thanks to Lance for letting me take a quick couple spins on his nice running Top 80 and "well loved" Spice 22. By the time most of us flew the air had settled nicely. I did a couple light-wind reverses but, with the 4 mph wind it wasn't that bad pulling them off.

As usual I departed right around sunset since I hate flying at night in a single engine aircraft. The whole "where do you go when it quits" question seems to have turned me into a chicken. Why now, at nearly 50 years ole, and after flying hundreds of single-engine night hours, does it bother me so? Who knows. Maybe I feel like I've dodged enough bullets already and want to minimize the bullseye on my chest.


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