Fanciful Florida

Enterprise Ft. Myers to Orlando, FL

I really just needed to get my gear for the Flying Circus (Phoenix) and Paratoys (Salton Sea) but has turned into a nice little trip. Tim wanted to do some flying and I wanted to practice with the helmet cam before heading West.

Our first stop, found using Google Earth, was an abandoned (for now) development with nary a house. Scrub shrubs meant that we had to launch on the road but that worked out well and we got the shots we wanted. Simple shots but, with Tim taping from atop the Enterprise, they were pretty cool looking as I was able to do the action (blipping the throttle) while flying along at just below eye level. And as long as I was there might as well do one steep turn around the camera -- it's a cool effect with the pilot right on, or slightly below the horizon. Seeing the pilot is tough, though, given that the wing is in the way but, for part of the turn, it works quite well.

Next flying was at Planet PPG's place, Pine Island airport where Paul Czarnecki was working over a new student, Larry, who looks like he'll be a quick study. This is where I tried my new helmet cam setup with Tim playing target drone. I needed to get some footage of a footdragging in bumpy conditions. This was perfect! Only a couple hundred feet high we were parked so it was pretty windy and, down on the grass is was pretty busy but Tim did a great job.


2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!