Arizona Flying Circus & Paramotor For Sale

Feb 5, 2012 Fly-In at Motown, an Experience

Wow. Hopefully I'll get to fill this in some more because I can't say enough about this gathering of what have to be our planet's most fun-loving people. Big place. Big toys. And not JUST flying toys but there were plenty of those.

Went on a balloon flight with expert pilot Scott. I had no idea what all went on with ballooning at the edge. Amazing footage, too.

Motor for Sale

I'm selling one of my Paratoys Blackhawk 172's to cull the herd. $2500. Runs great, only flown to church on Sundays by an old man. OK, well, maybe a bit more including a few competitions. But it has served me well. Suitcase model. Well loved, shall we say. Has a back-up kill switch with completely separate wiring. It's the motor I'll be flying at the Salton Sea and I only ask that the purchaser share it with me when he's not using it until Sunday.



Do you see the little people to the left. No, my friends, this is NOT your ordinary campfire! Just one of many unique aspects of the recently completed Flying Circus near Phoenix.

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